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Lawn Game and Party Rentals in Columbia, SC

Renting great lawn games with  Columbia Lawn Games is easy – because we meant for it to be. This business started because we felt like it was difficult and expensive to rent games for events, and it doesn’t really need to be. We try to keep our prices a reasonable as we can, and we offer fair and transparent pricing on delivery too. Rent great games like cornhole, Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga and more! All pricing for 24 hour rentals, additional days at a discount.

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Please give us a call at (803) 312-0091 or select pickup option.

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Feel free to pickup your games at our crib!
Our address is

124 Pebble Creek Rd
Columbia, SC 29223

Delivery Zone #1

Delivery + Pickup for your order up to 15 miles from 124 Pebble Creek Rd

Delivery Zone #2

Delivery + Pickup for your order up to 30 miles from 124 Pebble Creek Rd

Have questions? Further away? Call (803) 312-0091 and we will work with you on a fair delivery price for your rental.

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